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Korean Eye HIFU  韓國美眼神器 Korean Eye HIFU 韓國美眼神器

Korean Eye HIFU 韓國美眼神器
HIFU + LED + RF in one time

1. HIFU : For deep skin layer tightening
2. RF. : For middle skin layer tightening
3. LED : For top skin layer tightening

Fast effect and painless. Tighten eyes bag and create more collagen. Eye brow lifting . Keep your eyes bright and sharp .

1. 有效收緊眼部鬆馳肌肉
2. 去除眼紋、魚尾紋、眼袋
3. 激活膠原蛋白新生,重拾明眸電眼
4. 緊緻額頭皮膚組織,提升眼眉線條

HIFU : 拉緊筋膜層
RF : 拉緊真皮層
LED : 拉緊表皮層


n balance club
Room 102, 1/F, Kam Ming House,
51, Queen’s Road Central, H. K.
Tel : +852 2815 8099
Whatsapp : +852 9022 1976
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